Tuesday, March 20, 2007

is this what programs @ your library look like?

Louise, a member of my staff who assists with the monthly teen programming said the caption to this picture should be: "If you aren't having this much fun at your library, you're doing something wrong!" And I think she's right. Which of us hasn't been to a library (past or present) where we haven't thought about needing to be more quiet (if not silent)? And not that quiet is necessarily NOT fun but there is usually a fair amount of noise (in the form of laughter, at least) associated with fun.

The teen programming at the library is one of my passions right now. When we began doing monthly programs for the teens, I worried that no one would come. Now I worry that so many will come that I will have to turn them away or I won't have enough supplies for everyone who comes at the last minute. If only we all had such worries!

They are among the more appreciative of our user groups. I've done a number of different programs on different themes, with different amounts of involvement required from the teens. And they look forward to all of them. Henna tattoos. Murder Mystery Party. Getting more out of your search engine (THANKS ROBERT LACKIE!!!). Hip Hop dance class. I've found that they just enjoy knowing that there is something that we are doing just for them.

Fun at the library . . . it IS possible. But the trick is that YOU have to be having fun before anyone else can!

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Robert J. Lackie said...

Just saw your post, and I must say that it was my unique pleasure to be a part of it all, Karen--you have a dynamic library and staff and should be proud to be their leader! It was the most fun I have had standing on library furniture ever! ;-)